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Truzeau FAQ


How do you pronounce Truzeau & what is it?
  • Truzeau is pronounced "{troo · zo}". The name is a contemporary twist on the traditional South Asian bridal "Trousseau."
Why sell on Truzeau?
  • Truzeau covers credit card processing fees, ensures secure payments via Stripe, integrates shipping options, promotes listings on social media platforms, and offers assistance with claims/disputes—all with a competitive 10% commission rate, approximately half of what other marketplaces charge.
What can I sell?
  • You can sell new, second-hand, or gently used Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, or any South Asian fashion, accessories, or décor in good condition.
How do I sell something from my closet?
  • Simply create or log in to your account, click on "Sell" in the top menu, add details and photos to your listing, and disclose any defects to ensure transparency. Then, publish your listing and wait for offers!
What makes a listing great?
  • High-quality pictures displaying the item on a real body or mannequin, detailed information including measurements, and honest disclosure of any imperfections contribute to a great listing.
How do I decide pricing?
  • List your item at around half of its original price - or less considering its condition and wear - even if it was only worn once. ½ price is the sweet spot!
How much does Truzeau charge?
  • Listing on Truzeau is free. We charge a 10% commission on the sale price (excluding shipping), covering all credit card processing fees.
How long do I have to pack and ship?
  • You have 5 business days to pack and ship your item after it's sold, with ideally within 3 days being the target.
How do I ship?
  • If you select flat rate shipping you can charge a flat fee to ship to buyers. To estimate what you want to charge for that we suggest using If you select calculated shipping then when the buyer purchases the item, shipping will automatically be calculated and charged to the buyer - and you will be sent a shipping label.
How do I get paid?
  • Choose your preferred payout method, including Stripe, PayPal, Zelle, or Venmo. You'll receive payment after the buyer confirms receipt of the product. Stripe is the safest and quickest way for you to get your payouts and all you have to do is provide your bank account details that are only accessible to you - we do not store that information.
Can the buyer get a refund?
  • Refunds are generally not permitted unless the item significantly differs from its description and pictures.
Should I make a transaction outside of Truzeau?
  • Avoid offline transactions for safety and adherence to community rules. Transactions outside our platform are not guaranteed, and users may be removed for violating this policy.


Why buy on Truzeau?
  • Truzeau offers a diverse selection of listings from global sellers, secure transactions, and a guarantee that items will not differ significantly from the listing or potentially result in a refund.
How do I buy on Truzeau?
  • Purchase or make an offer directly on Truzeau. You can also communicate with sellers through our platform.
Can I return a product?
  • Refunds are generally not permitted, except in cases where the item significantly differs from its description and pictures, subject to Truzeau's review.
How much does Truzeau charge?
  • As a buyer, Truzeau does not impose any fees. Sellers are responsible for paying a commission on their sales.
Should I make a transaction offline?
  • For your safety and adherence to our community rules, avoid offline transactions. Truzeau cannot guarantee your item will arrive nor condition and such transactions and may remove users for non-compliance.
What should I do when I get my order?
  • If the received item significantly differs from what you expected, please notify us within 3 days. Note that most listings are pre-loved, so minor wear may be present.


Who can I contact for issues, comments, or suggestions?
  • Use the contact form in the website footer or reach out to us 24/7 via Instagram @truzeau for assistance, feedback, or inquiries.

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