What should I price my items at to sell?

How do you pronounce Truzeau & what is it?

{troo · zo} Truzeau is a modern take on the centuries-old tradition of the bridal trousseau. An integral part of South Asian wedding customs, the trousseau was a carefully curated reflection of the bride's personal style and cultural heritage, filled with bespoke hand-woven saris, lehengas, jewelry, and other luxury items. The trousseau continues to embody generational blessings and is a powerful symbol of the bride's past, present, and future. The Truzeau marketplace amplifies the beauty of our heritage by providing a simple platform for us to exchange our favorite new and used Indian and Pakistani clothing and accessories. Our mission is to make South Asian fashion affordable, sustainable, and accessible to fashion enthusiasts of diverse cultural backgrounds.

You can sell any new or second-hand or used Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, etc clothes and accessories! We focus on the exchange of new and preloved South Asian goods only. You can quickly list & sell in just a few clicks OR use the contact form if you would like Truzeau to list it for you through "TruConsign" For self-listings: 1) Create an account or log in 2) Start listing by selecting “Sell” from the top menu 3) Add details and pics to your listing (TruTip: Make your cover photo a horizontal one and add a picture of you wearing it for best results. Fill out all required fields. Select the type of shipping you’d like to offer and enter in those details). 4) At the bottom of the listing page, hit “Connect to Stripe” and follow the Stripe prompts to select how you want to be paid! In the Stripe set up for industry select “clothing” and for website use “www.truzeau.com” Stripe is an extremely secure platform to receive and process payouts. 5) Publish your listing and get ready for offers and buyers!

It’s always free to list on Truzeau! We don't currently charge commission on self listing and charge 30% for consignment - (please use the contact form if you have something you'd like us to list for you.)

For self listing you arrange the payment method with buyer. For consignment we payout your earnings monthly once our commission is deducted.

Great pictures - Especially of the outfit or item on a real body or mannequin. The cover photo should ideally be horizontal. Have fun with the pics and description! Add as much information as you can, especially regarding measurements. Honestly disclose any stains, tears, defects, etc. so that the buyer is aware of what they are purchasing.

Simple sign up or sign in, find something you love, add it to your cart and purchase! You can also choose to offer a different price by selecting "make an offer" on the item. You can then arrange a payment method with the seller directly.

If for any reason your product isn't as described or doesn't arrive you can request a refund. Otherwise if you don't love what you bought you can always re-list on Truzeau!

As a woman-owned business, we believe that every girl deserves access to education. Unfortunately, for many girls in underserved communities, the cost of school uniforms can be a significant barrier to attending school. That's why we're on a mission to empower girls by providing them with the uniforms they need to succeed. For every purchase made on Truzeau, we will donate a school uniform to a girl in need. We invite you to join us to help create a brighter future for girls around the world.

Use the contact form at the bottom of our site for any reason at all!

Sellers will elect whether the will provide flat rate shipping or by destination and whether or not they will ship internationally. They will also elect whether shipping is included in the price of the item or will be an additional charge. Sellers have the option of printing a shipping label from their sold transaction. Truzeau does not support meeting in person to deliver items and that is done at the risk of the buyer and seller. It's much easier and safer to ship!

Love an item but don't love the price? Try making an offer. Simpy hit "Make an Offer" on the product's listing to send an offer to the seller. Sellers can accept, reject, or counter offer. Once an offer is accepted, the buyer has 24 hours to purchase it at the new price!

The general rule of thumb is to price it at 50% off of what you paid or more depending on age and condition. Even if you've worn an outfit just once/for a few hours it's still worn! Think of it this way - if you bought an outfit for $500, wear it once, and sell for $250 -- your NEW single wear price is $250 and the buyer's single USED wear price is $250. That's a win-win!